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This is 2021, in a Taliban stronghold: Musa Qala, a town in Helmand province that dozens of Americans, British and Afghan soldiers died fighting for over nearly two decades.
The view from a motorbike driving through Musa Qala, in Afghanistan's Helmand province.
The fate of Musa Qala carries great symbolism for the NATO presence in Afghanistan.
At least four US soldiers died in the town, along with many Afghan security forces.
The men broadly described Taliban rule as an improvement on the past decade, marred by a deeply backward treatment of women, and moments of brutality.
There is no school for girls in Musa Qala."
Locals say life in Musa Qala proceeds under crude governance after decades of chaos.
The Room in Musa Qala was convened every Thursday, and often changed venue, the men said, because of the threat of airstrikes.
Accounts of taxation in Musa Qala varied.
The town of Musa Qala has been under Taliban control for more than five years.
The fourth man said that in Musa Qala there were no development projects under way like when the central government had control.
The Musa Qala residents said the Taliban, businessmen and richer locals appreciated the better communications.

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