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"The last I spoke to John and Paul was when one of them tapped the side of the box and said 'You OK,'" he tells CNN Travel.
Thinking inside the boxA Pan Am service representative examines the crate that Brian Robson was found in back in 1965.
When he arrived in the Australian city, the Welshman discovered that the hostel he'd been allocated was "this rat infested hole."
Although he hadn't even started his job yet, Robson decided there and then that he didn't want to stay in Australia.
Robson spent time traveling through the outback of Australia before returning to Melbourne and landing a job in a papermill.
It was there that he met John and Paul, who had recently arrived in Australia.
The crate escapeThe Welshman is trying track down the two Irish men who help him smuggle himself onboard a plane in a crate.
According to Robson, when he explained his plan fully, Paul "thought I was stupid," but John "was a bit more easy going."
The following morning, Robson climbed into the wooden box once again, before John and Paul nailed it shut and bade him farewell.
When the crate he'd squeezed himself into arrived in Sydney, it was put onto the tarmac upside down.
He spent most of his time in the box in complete darkness and struggling to cope with the pain and confusion.
And while he's lived in and traveled to various countries over the years, he's never been back to Australia.

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