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(CNN) For the sixth month in a row, the city of Rio de Janeiro has seen more deaths than births -- a devastating indicator of the nation's unceasing Covid-19 crisis .
Brazil's second most populous city, Rio de Janeiro registered 36,437 deaths in March -- 16% more than the month's 32,060 new births, according to the national Civil Register.
It wasn't alone; at least 10 other Brazilian cities with populations over half a million people also registered more deaths than births last month.
Cities across the country have been hit hard by a recent surge in Covid-19 cases and deaths , fueled in part by new variants believed to be extra contagious, as well as some Brazilians' disregard for social distancing precautions.
The grim ratio of deaths to births is one more lens onto a national crisis that federal and local officials have largely failed to contain more than a year into the pandemic.
According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, 77,515 people across Brazil have died due to Covid-19 in the past month, and over 2 million new cases have been diagnosed.
Brazil's vaccine rollout has been slow, plagued from the outset by internal political bickering and difficulty procuring vaccine doses.
Just 6.3 million people -- about 3% of the population -- have been fully vaccinated, according to Brazil's Health Ministry.
The Health Ministry has not offered any reasons why some Brazilians have failed to receive their second doses.
Bombastic President Jair Bolsonaro has embraced vaccines, recently approaching Russia for a potential deal over the Sputnik V vaccine.
But critics wish he would apply the same urgency to other fronts in the battle against the coronavirus.
"Which country in the world did not see deaths?

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