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First Move's Julia Chatterley spoke to Coinbase Global's Chief Financial Officer, Alesia Haas, this week ahead of the company's IPO.
That can be through buying, selling, and now increasingly, spending and earning and receiving and borrowing and lending and using crypto in new and exciting ways.
There's chatter already in the market that your valuation could be as much as $100 billion — even more than that.
It's an open financial system where we can bring all types of investors, retail investors, institutions to the opening order book.
And so it's going to be important to have all of those voices help set the valuation for Coinbase.
And over the long term, it is very possible that we start to see fee compression as we see that in all other asset classes over time.
The regulatory outlook for this space, which clearly differs all around the world, is one potential risk, I think, for investors.
Moving on to security, we make a tremendous amount of investment in our security on our platform.
And to those that say Coinbase is the epitome of a 'meme stock' that trades without regard to the fundamentals.
Haas: We are a long term investment.
We believe we have a huge long term growth opportunity ahead of us.
And we believe that we will be able to grow users on our platform, the assets, the number of products in our revenues over the long term.

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