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Washington (CNN) President Joe Biden dispatched an unofficial delegation to Taiwan Tuesday in a show of support for the island, according to a senior administration official and a State Department spokesperson.
That unofficial delegation is comprised of former Sen. Chris Dodd and former senior State Department officials Richard Armitage and James Steinberg.
Their travel comes as China has carried out a number of aggressive shows of force toward the island.
"The selection of these three individuals -- senior statesmen who are longtime friends of Taiwan and personally close with President Biden -- sends an important signal about the US commitment to Taiwan and its democracy," the officials said.
They will meet with senior Taiwanese officials at Biden's request, the officials said.
Reuters was first to report on the unofficial delegation.
"This delegation follows a longstanding bipartisan tradition of US administrations sending high-level, unofficial delegations to Taiwan," the officials said, adding that their travel also comes as the US and Taiwan "mark the 42nd anniversary of the signing of the Taiwan Relations Act, for which President Biden voted."

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